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Iggy "I'm Moving Out"

The fallout from the Nick Young-D'Angelo Russell video has finally come to a conclusion of sorts as Iggy Azalea announced that she's moving out of the home that she and Young shared, she's also returned her engagement ring.

Earlier this week Young's vintage Impala that Iggy gave him as a Christmas gift was towed from the home to an undisclosed location. TMZ cameras caught a picture of a pile of stuff in the garage, but it's unclear if the ATV, furniture and piles of boxes are moving with Iggy.

Meanwhile, Russell stars in a new Footlocker commercial where he mocks the controversial video that he shot that ended with Iggy and Swaggy breaking up.

If I'm SP I'd find it really hard to share a locker room with someone that has created so much turmoil.

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