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Durant's Decision Based On "Growth"

His decision was based on "the potential for my growth as a player"...

I call BS...

In a move that can only rival LeBron James' decision, Kevin Durant is headed to the Golden State Warriors and I'm a little disappointed in "The Real MVP".

It was just weeks ago that the Durant led Oklahoma City Thunder took a 3-1 series lead versus Golden State in the Western Conference Finals only to see his team lose 3 straight on their way to being eliminated 4-3 and I can't help but to wonder if this falls under the old saying "if you can't beat join them".

For that reason along I can understand why Thunder fans would be disappointed in KD.

I still can't believe it... Kevin Durant is a member of the Warriors after agreeing to a a two-year, $54 million contract that includes a player option.

Wait a minute. Am I dreaming?

Steph, Klay, Dray, and now... KD.

I'm guessing Durant forgot what he said about LeBron back in the Summer of 2010.

On paper we know how the West will be won but the game still has to be played.

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