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Clinton & Obama Rally Together In N.C.

Likely Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is getting some help from President Obama. During a joint rally in North Carolina, Clinton said she and Obama have gone from political rivals to partners and friends. The President said he believes in Hillary Clinton. The rally followed a dramatic announcement from FBI director James Comey that he will not recommend criminal charges against Clinton over her email scandal. Clinton has been under investigation for her handling of sensitive material when she ran the State Department. Clinton has acknowledged that it was a mistake to use a personal email account and a private server. Making no mention of the email scandal, Clinton said President Obama does not get the credit he deserves for guiding the economy out of the deep recession. She said Obama knows how to keep the U.S. safe and strong. Clinton argued that Republican rival Donald Trump is temperamentally unfit to be commander in chief. She also said she will continue to press Trump to release his income taxes. Trump has blamed an ongoing audit for a long delay in releasing his taxes.

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