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Ambush During Rally Leaves Multiple Officers Dead

If you've been following the news then you know the past 24-48 hours have been like something you'd see on the big screen.

First the senseless police shootings of Alton Sterling then Philando Castile and now the City of Dallas, Texas has become ground zero following the ambush and killing of multiple police officers.

The latest...

Dallas Police say they're negotiating and trading gunfire with a suspect in a sniper attack that killed at least four officers. Police Chief David Brown says the suspect has told police, "The end is coming." The suspect also reportedly told officers explosives are planted around the area. Police said earlier that two people are in custody after snipers opened fire on officers patrolling a downtown protest Thursday night. Snipers on two downtown garages shot eleven officers, killing at least four. One private citizen was wounded.

Police say a person of interest whose picture was circulated has turned himself in.

Another alleged suspect was arrested after a shootout with police. Police say a suspicious package was found near that suspect's location. The Dallas PD bomb squad is securing the package.

As of this post Dallas police say three suspects are in custody. Dallas Police Chief David Brown says the suspects are not cooperating.

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