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Rob Speaks: UFC 200 Is In The Books

Ok so now that UFC 200 is over here are a few of my observations from last night's pay-per-view event...

First off let me express my displeasure in Jon Jones not being able to participate on last night's card because of a failed drug test. This guy has so much talent and is arguably the greatest light heavyweight in the history of MMA but his legacy is steadily declining. It's really hard to continue supporting someone that seemingly can't get right; multiple traffic violations which includes a hit and run, drug charges, and now a failed drug test that kept him out of what should've been a continuation of his road to redemption.

The show must go on...

With just two days notice UFC's "icon" Anderson Silva agreed to replace Jones in his fight versus Daniel Cormier and while the fight didn't provide any memorable moments it definitely added to the "legend" of the 41 year old Silva having recently had his gallbladder removed. It was Cormier that came away with the decision but it was a personal victory for Silva who hasn't won a fight since 2012.

Through his interpreter Silva said "This fight was a big personal challenge for me, to accept it and come in here and put into practice all I've done throughout the years."

On to the big boys...

WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar made is long awaited return to the octagon last night with a decision victory versus Mark Hunt and this wasn't a match scripted by Vince McMahon and "Suplex City" wasn't open for business this was a real MMA match and Brock showed the world that he still has the ability to be one of the top guys in the MMA business should the WWE thing play out anytime soon.

The ups and downs of the women's division...

The UFC had done such a great job building the women's division up under the explosiveness and popularity of Ronda Rousey but since she lost to Holly Holm we haven't seen that dominant force in the ladies' division. Rousey was the champion over 1,000 days which included 6 title defenses, Holm held the title for 111 days before losing her first title defense to Miesha Tate, and Tate held the title for 126 days before losing her first title defense in last night's matchup versus Amanda Nunes via submission. Whether you're a fan of the ladies or not you've got to agree that this is the perfect time for Rousey to reclaim her throne.

Up next UFC 201 Live from the ATL!!!

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