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Adrien Broner To Spend Next 30 Days In Jail

Life as of late hasn't been to kind to champion boxer Adrien Broner and well let's be honest most of it is his own doing.

Here's the latest...

AB is in jail for the next 30 days in his hometown of Cincinnati for showing up late for his trial on felony assault and aggravated robbery charges.

Not only was he three hours late but according to Judge Robert Ruehlman, Broner appeared to be drunk or hungover.

In case you missed it or are wondering what Broner was scheduled to stand trial for; back in late January AB pointed a handgun at someone during a betting dispute at a Cincinnati area bowling alley over $14,000, Broner is then accused of knocking the alleged victim unconscious.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer Judge Ruehlman told Broner that he may have dismissed the case Tuesday if Broner had been on time for his trial.

Broner's due back in court on August 17th.

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