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(Video) Clinton: This Is A Moment Of Reckoning For The U.S.

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton vows to lead efforts for real change in America. At the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Clinton said her primary mission will be to help create more good paying jobs and opportunities. She also argued that "Wall Street should never be allowed to wreck Main Street again." Clinton called this a moment of reckoning for the U.S. She said Americans must "work together so we can all rise together." Clinton criticized Republican nominee Donald Trump, saying Trump wants Americans to fear the future and fear each other.

She also chided Trump for saying he alone can fix what ails the U.S. Clinton argued, "We'll fix it together." She argued that Trump is offering no solutions. Clinton said Trump has taken the Republican Party a long way, from "morning in America to midnight in America."

She also said it's not fair that Trump can ignore his business debts while students can't refinance their debts.

Video courtesy of PBS

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