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SNB Beer Stop #1: Three Taverns Brewery

Located between Avondale Estates and Downtown Decatur is one of our favorite breweries in Metro Atlanta, Three Taverns Brewery home of "The Night on Ponce" and a brew simply titled "3" that will knock your socks off.

Friday night Three Taverns hosted a "Can Release Party" for Rapturous and A Night On Ponce and SNB was on hand to enjoy the festivities. I was no stranger to the Ponce IPA but I was a novice to the raspberry sour ale Rapturous. Being more of an IPA guy I must admit Rapturous is a very refreshing brew with just enough bite for a man but the fruity flavor most female craft beer drinkers enjoy.

Sports News & Brews will definitely be back to visit the good folks over at Three Taverns, we highly encourage all craft beer lovers to stop by and enjoy some of Atlanta's best craft beer.

Address: 121 New Street, Decatur

Hours of Operation: Thursday and Friday 5:30–9p Saturday 1–5p

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