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The State Report: No Sparty Party!

It's the question(s) that SpartanNation everywhere are asking themselves (those that still remain existent)... Where do we go from here? Where to turn for answers & solutions? Maybe most frequently, WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON? It doesn't take an Ivy League graduate to know that Sparty was going to take a step back this season but certainly not like this. It's hard for me to believe that even 'The Big Man Up Above' could predict MSU's recent struggles. The term struggles is even a stretch. It's just been down right pitiful. Hell, the term pitiful is even generous.

Lost for words? Well that's exactly what I am sure it feels like to be a Michigan State alum right about now. Perhaps the most surprising thing is that Dantonio doesn't seem to be under much urgency to change things around if judging by his body language alone although, he's not a man of many words nor very exuberant considering his calm demeanor. Facing the facts, Sparty is in trouble and looking more and more like a team that could very well be more known as the 1st team to make a College Football Playoffs appearance then miss a bowl game altogether than anything. Although I don't believe that will be the case, it certainly cannot be ruled out and is becoming more of a reality each week. Surely it doesn't help much that it's arch-rival UofM is off to a fantastic start and gaining steam as the weeks go on.

This has just been a very bad look for East Lansing and it seems Sparta cannot wait to end the football season and start all over. That's the new feel. It's the way the team has been playing as of late. Speaking of feel, looking from the outside in, green & white hasn't felt this miserable since the days of Bobby Williams, Charles Rodgers and Jeff Smoker. Now with that said, nobody is insinuating that there's been recent turmoil within the program itself but I think there is more to the latest Spartan football inconsistencies than just simply, they have the targets on their backs now as defending B1G champs and going to get everyone's best shot.

It's no secret that the 'O', 'D' & 'ST' are not only on different pages but doubtful that they're even on the same book altogether. Losing is 1 thing. Being disgustingly atrocious, embarrassing to watch and sacrificing 54 points to Northwestern (at home, or ANYWHERE!) certainly doesn't help situations.

Tate's Take: Adding fuel to the fire, in MSU's 4 of 6 games played, the opposition has scored 4 or more TD's and in which adding 1 of the contests not included where IU "only" scored 24 total points, yet it still resulted in a State defeat. State also have allowed 139 points scored in all 4 consecutive losses and 180 total including their 2 wins (Furman, ND) which seems like centuries ago. That speaks volume for a team that has been known as a defensive anchor and hung their hats of past success on their abilities to defend. It's just simply not the Michigan State that we're used to seeing. Not only can the Spartans not afford to overlook opponents nor pencil in victories in the win column... but sadly, Mich St. looking ahead to anything scares me but playing spoiler doesn't.

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