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Giants Cut Brown... WTF Took So Long?

I'm slightly confused because I'm not sure if the New York Giants want us to commend them or point out the double standard that has landed many African American athletes out of work...

So I'll just say WTF took you so long?

I remember a young man named Ray Rice openly admitting to the NFL that he and his

wife were involved in a physical altercation in which he knocked her out. The league issued a two game suspension and once the video of the altercation was released the NFL brass reversed course and suspended Rice indefinitely even though there was no difference between what he told league officials versus what we all witnessed on the video.

On the flip side we have Josh Brown the recently released kicker of the New York Giants who was suspended for only one game to start the season as a result for being arrest for domestic violence.

Yes people I said one game...

The charges were later dismissed but then came Brown's "October Surprise" when published a story based on the documents from Brown arrest where he admitted that he's abused his former wife not once, not twice, but maybe as many as twenty times.

Even during her pregnancy...

I'm sure Brown will catch on with another team at some point, meanwhile Ray Rice continues to train hoping to make a NFL comeback nearly three years after being suspended not once but twice for the same incident.

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