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Black Folks Vs The Electoral College

Stunned, shocked, and saddened...

These are all the feelings that many in the African American community woke up with this morning upon learning that Donald J. Trump will be the 45th President of the United States after a landslide victory over Hillary Clinton via the electoral college.

I will admit that Trump did a great job of creating doubt in the minds of those that would've traditionally voted democrat but here's my thing to say you want to get rid of the D.C. political elitists is like the pot calling the kettle black. The last time I checked Trump has never been broke a day in his life so technically he's an elitist maybe not a D.C. political elitist but definitely an elitist.

I could go on and on about this year's presidential election but the fact remains Donald Trump is the President-Elect of the these United States.

There have been people that I've talked to over the past 24 hours that are down and don't believe their votes mattered because in America the popular vote means absolutely nothing. Last night made the 2nd time in a 16 year time span that we've seen a democratic presidential candidate lose the election because of the electoral college. To be honest the process is antiquated and should probably be repealed so that the will of the people is done.

So what about this electoral college...

Nobody wants to really get into the origins of the electoral college but the basis of it has to do with one of the ugliest things to ever happen in America and that's slavery. Long story short in 1787 it was proposed that America hold a direct election where the popular vote would be used to elect the President but southerners argued that the north was more populated and could easily elect the person of their liking; so to counter that the southerners proposed allowing them to count their slaves in order to balance the southern state's population versus the north even though the slaves couldn't participate in the voting process. So basically the more slaves you bought or were in possession of the more electoral votes a state would receive. For 32 of the Constitution’s first 36 years, a white slave holding Virginian occupied the presidency.

Here's the best example via

"Southerner Thomas Jefferson, for example, won the election of 1800-01 against Northerner John Adams in a race where the slavery-skew of the electoral college was the decisive margin of victory: without the extra electoral college votes generated by slavery, the mostly southern states that supported Jefferson would not have sufficed to give him a majority."

In a nutshell we can never expect our votes on a Presidential level to be counted until we demand that the powerful people in Washington, D.C. make a change so that the will of the people can truly be heard.

BTW have you seen the nudies of the incoming first lady?

So much for American values and morals...

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