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Mayweather's The Best Ever Because Of Who?

If you’ve followed the career of Floyd Mayweather, you’ve seen the relationship or lack there with his father Mayweather Sr.

Now this according to TMZ…

Floyd Mayweather's days of trashing his dad are LONG OVER -- in fact, TBE tells TMZ Sports

why he owes his entire boxing empire to his pops!

Of course, Floyd Jr. and Floyd Sr. have a very famous, very nasty feud that left them estranged for years. At one point, Sr. offered to train fighters to BEAT his own son.

Oh, and don't forget that other time Sr. said he used Floyd as a human shield to keep Jr.'s maternal uncle from shooting him with a shotgun!!! Seriously!!

But all that's water under the bridge ... Floyd Jr. says he owes "all the thanks to my dad."

Read more via TMZ Sports:

Lead photo courtesy of Tom Casino/Mayweather Promotions

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