Who's Ready For Another Rambo? Slight Different Though...

May 30, 2017


I totally didn't see this coming...


There's a new Rambo movie coming out with a Hindi twist. 


Indian filmmaker Siddharth Anand has acquired the rights for the action hero and is working on bringing a new version of the character to the big screen. The new film will star Tiger Shroff and will tell the story of the Indian Rambo having to fight his way through deserts, jungles and the Himalayas. 


Anand tells "Deadline Hollywood" that there has been a serious lack of pulp action films in Indian cinema for the past two decades and his movie is going to fill that void. 


As for Sylvester Stallone, who originally brought the character to life, he's all for it.  He sent out his encouragement to the filmmakers on Instagram. 


Production begins early next year.

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