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Jenkins Firing: Bama State Style!

No one was more excited about Brian Jenkins' move from the MEAC's Bethune-Cookman to my beloved Alabama State University than me. Having interviewed Jenkins on many occasions we've developed a professional relationship of sorts and I just knew if ASU's Board of Trustees was showing Reggie Barlow the door the best move was Jenkins.

Now I have to be honest in saying that I was wrong but not for the reasons you might think... Prior to the hiring of Jenkins, ASU had one of our own in Reggie Barlow roaming the sidelines on his way to becoming the school's winningest football coach. In addition to being an ASU graduate Barlow brought a NFL pedigree to table having played 10+ in the league. Despite putting several players to the NFL the football program under Barlow never lived up to the potential but I will not blame Barlow.

What you have to understand is that Bama State doesn't necessarily have a tradition of winning the SWAC. The Hornets last SWAC championship came in 2004 prior to that it was 1991's National Championship team. I understand the love for "Old Mother Dear" but Bama State is like the person we all know that hates to see others do well but are doing nothing to better themselves. I don't care if it's Barlow or Jenkins until the Board of Trustees get out of the way of athletics ASU will continue to have average success at best.

A tale of two coaches...

I whole-heartedly believe both Barlow and Jenkins are really good coaches. Prior to his arrival at ASU Jenkins was 46-14 at BC-U winning 4 MEAC titles in his 5 years as head coach. So am I to believe that between the time he left BC-U for ASU his coaching philosophies changed and now he's a 9-17 head coach?

I think not...

On the flipside you want me to believe that Barlow went to Virginia State and his coaching philosophies changed after leaving ASU? The Trojans of Virginia State University are now 5-0 on the season and 14-2 overall under Barlow's leadership.

Brian Jenkins will not be unemployed for long but until Bama State gets out of the way of Bama State we will always be Bama State...

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