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Morgan State Upset Aggies On 36 Yard FG!

EAST GREENSBORO (September 22, 2018) – North Carolina A&T lost a 16-13 football game to Morgan State Saturday night at BB&T Stadium thanks to a 36-yard field goal by MSU’s Alex Raya as time expired.

There are some realities that go along with that reality. The Aggies lost their first football game in 665 days.

Their ownership of the longest current winning streak in the nation (Division I-FCS) has ended at 15. N.C. A&T’s 11-game home winning streak also disappeared. Lamar Raynard is now 29-1 as N.C. A&T’s starting quarterback. The Aggies streak of 39 straight games without blowing a fourth-quarter lead also ended. The last time the Aggies blew a fourth-quarter lead was to MSU on Nov. 9, 2013. N.C. A&T’s No. 4 national ranking is also gone and depending on the mood of the voters, their top-10 national ranking may also be history. Their streak as the No. 1 black college football team is also likely gone.

But here are a few more realities.

Hampton is no longer in the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference. This fact left some MEAC teams with seven conference games because Hampton occupied their respective schedules before leaving for the Big South. Therefore, the conference to designate some games as non-conference contests to ensure each team plays seven conference games. N.C. A&T and Morgan State knew coming into the season that their game would be one of those non-conference games between two conference schools.

So, the reality is, the Aggies can still finish undefeated in the MEAC and they are very much in contention for another Celebration Bowl bid at Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

N.C. A&T will have to get right back to work as they face S.C. State, 7 p.m., Thursday, Sept. 27 at BB&T Stadium. The game will be aired live on ESPNU.

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