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Celebration Bowl Matchups Within: Alcorn’s O vs A&T's D

December 17, 2019


Now coming into this Celebration Bowl matchup between two of the finest programs in Black
College Football and the entire FCS, one would think that these two teams are closely related.
The fact is that they are familiar with each other playing in this same game last season, but this
may be where the similarities stop.

The Alcorn Offense, led by Quarterback Felix Harper, has an absolutely dynamic passing attack.
The offense runs out of a spread system, typically in an Offset-I. When they do run the ball, it is
out of the zone read attack, giving Harper the option of keeping the ball, and throughout the
season he has proven he will scramble, but prefers not to.

Multiple backs have played this season for the Braves, led by Niko Duffey, but others will come
in at any time of the game to spell this freshman with little to no drop off. The Wide Receiving
Corp has proven to give Harper exactly what he needs, especially on the outside, but the best
part about them on film is their unselfishness while blocking for others. The only negatives
about this offense is that they will abandon the run during inopportune times and Harper will
throw the ball up for grabs in crucial situations.

In contrast, the North Carolina A&T Defense is a very stout unit that concentrates on stopping
the run 1st. Its base defense can get to the quarterback with just the front four and has very
little need to blitz although it is more that capable. Defensive End Devin Harrell leads the team
in sacks with seven but many more have them throughout the defense. Linebacker Kyin
Howard leads the team in tackles, but the entire set of backers can run and hit. They are
however susceptible to the quarterback run because they are a fast flow defense.

In the secondary you have All-American Cornerback Mac McCain, who has lower interception
numbers from last season, primarily because teams stay away from him. Opposite of McCain is
Chris Moseley who has been the benefactor with three interceptions on the year. They have
faced some formidable passing squads this year and they have played well, but this will be a
great challenge going up against this Alcorn passing attack. Check out the Alcorn D versus the
A&T O next time.

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