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ESPN Closes The Curtain On "The Last Dance"

ESPN's 10-part docuseries "The Last Dance" following the Chicago Bulls' spectacular 90's run came to a close last night. Last night's episodes focused on Chicago's run the those 1998 NBA Finals, Jordan's "Flu Game," Dennis Rodman's professional wrestling detour in the middle of that final series against the Jazz and "The Pushoff."

In one of the most sobering segments in the series, Steve Kerr talks about the murder of his father, Malcolm, in Beirut in 1984 and says that although MJ and he had that awful bond in common, they never talked about it because it would have been too painful. In the final episodes, fans also get rare interviews with Jordan's three oldest children: Marcus, Jeffery and Jasmine.

The Chicago Bulls went on to win their sixth NBA Championship in the 1998 Finals, solidifying their legacy as one of the best basketball teams in history.

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